windows-10-anniversary update

Screen Flashing Issue with Windows 10 [Solved]

Couple of weeks ago, I was using my friend’s laptop. He has recently upgraded to the windows 10. So far it was working great, gaming was good, performance was quite nice. But after some days, a problem started to occur. Screen was flashing in the windows 10. I have done some diagnosis and turns out,[…]

windows-10-anniversary update

How to get Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Its been a while since Microsoft has rolled out the Windows 10 Anniversary update. If you haven’t received the update yet, you can manually update your existing Windows 10 computer.  This is the official method recommended by Microsoft by using Windows 10 update assistant.  How to get Windows 10 Anniversary Update It is quite easy, All[…]

Configure DND Mode in Windows 10 [ How To ]2

Configure DND Mode in Windows 10 [ How To ]

With the latest Windows 10 update, Microsoft has updated their notification centre. With the cross platform support you can enjoy all the applications which are currently available for windows 10 mobile platform. In the windows 10 notification would pop up form the right side bottom corner in a rectangular box. These notification will disappear after[…]

how to reset microsoft edge browser 2

How to Reset Microsoft Edge Browser [ Windows 10 ]

Microsoft Edge made a debut with Windows 10 launch. Although It promises to be the powerhouse and can out perform industry leaders, but problems can arise. If you experiencing slow performance, adware, toolbar or pop ups. You might want to reset Microsoft Edge browser. Since Microsoft Edge is the part of operating system so its[…]

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How to Add/Remove Default Apps in Windows 8/10

How to Add/Remove Default Apps in Windows 8/10

Coming from windows 7 to windows 8 or windows 10. They went under major change. Start menu was replaced by dedicated screen and in windows 10 it become little different. With the new windows they added some native apps for productivity. Not all of us use all the apps and you can easily uninstall them. Although[…]

How to scan for currpoted files

How to Scan and Fix Corrupted Files in Windows 8/10

Having issues with PC is not a new problem now a days. If you feel that your computer is running slowly and not responding as it should be, chances are system files of the computer become corrupt or gone missing while installing new software. If you are using Windows 10, there is good news. You[…]