Screen Flashing Issue with Windows 10 [Solved]

Couple of weeks ago, I was using my friend’s laptop. He has recently upgraded to the windows 10. So far it was working great, gaming was good, performance was quite nice.

But after some days, a problem started to occur. Screen was flashing in the windows 10. I have done some diagnosis and turns out, it was a software problem.

If you are having the same problem, please make sure that your have run all the necessary tests. It is essential to determine, if it is a software issue or a hardware issue. If your device is fairly new, you can eliminate the probability of harware issue. Because it is highly unlikely.


Moving on to the issue.

Screen Flashing Issue with Windows 10 [Solved]

Fix Screen flashing issue in Windows 10

Step 1. Open run and type “msconfig”

Step 2. Navigate to the ‘Services’ tab, and look for two services named ‘Problem Reports and Solution Control Panel’ and ‘Windows Error Reporting Service’, un-check them to disable

Then click on apply and OK. After, windows will ask you to restart the computer.

Screen flashing issue with windows 10

Step 3. After successful restart, you notice that your screen is much more stable and not flashing.

You can also use, antivirus tools to perform a complete scan on the hard-drive to eliminate all the possible errors.

If nothing works, you can always roll back to the previous version of the Windows.